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High Jump Landing Pit

High Jump Landing Pit
High Jump Landing Pit High Jump Landing Pit
Product Code: GAMT-001
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GAMT-001 High Jump Landing Pit

·         GAMA High Jump Landing Pit mainly consists of mat body, covering layer and water-proof mantle with Non-tearing Nylon net on top.

·         Main part of mat consists of three-layer heavy foam sponge of 32 High Density featured by consistent elasticity and softness.

·         The sponge mat is equipped with shaped frame structure in middle-layer to satisfy the requirements on elasticity and cushion for landing human body.

·         The covering layer is 80 mm thick and shall be buckled onto assembled mat body.

·         All zippers are not exposed to avoid injury.

·         Mat is covered with waterproof PVC coated Non Tearing Tarpaulin and fitted with embedded zipper, handle assembly on its side and vent holes along its perimeter.

·         Comes complete with Waterproof Nylon Rain Cover.

·         Available in sizes: 5.5 mtr x 3 mtr x 60 cm, 6 mtr x 4 mtr x 70 cm

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